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  • 999 Ganoderma lucidum Complex Capsules
  • Product name:999 Ganoderma lucidum Complex Capsules

    Usage:See details

    Specification:200mg*50 Capsules/bottle

    Product class:Nutrition

    Indication & Action:Severe liver damage, severe viral infections, as well as major postoperative recovery, patients with breast and prostate disease, blood sugar irregularities, coronary heart disease, mental and physical decline, etc


  • Sanjiu Weitai Keli
  • Product name:Sanjiu Weitai Keli

    Usage:Dissolve in boiled water, 1 bag a time, twice a day.


    Product class:For Digestion

    Indication & Action:Anti-inflammation and alleviating pain,activating the flow of qi and strengthening the stomach.Used for superficial gastritis,erosion gastritis.


  • 999 Wei Tai Capsule
  • Product name:999 Wei Tai Capsule

    Usage:Take orally, 2~4 capsules each time, two times each day

    Specification:0.5/capsule,12 capsules per blister and 1 blister in one box

    Product class:For Digestion

    Indication & Action:Diminish inflammation, alleviate pain, regulate vital energy, strengthen the stomach.


  • Zhengtian Pill
  • Product name:Zhengtian Pill

    Usage:Taking medicine after meal, 6 g one time, 2 or 3 times a day, 15 days a course.

    Specification: 6g per bag and 10 bags per box.

    Product class:Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular

    Indication & Action:Dispersing wind and promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood and calming the liver, dredging collateral and alleviating pain.Indicating for various headaches.


  • 999 Ganmaoling Capsule
  • Product name:999 Ganmaoling Capsule

    Usage:Oral, 2 capsules a time, 3 times a day


    Product class:For Cold

    Indication & Action:Remove heat and relieve pain. Colds with headache, fever, nasal obstruction and rhinorrhea, sore-throat


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